Diffuser Blends for Christmas | Non-Toxic Alternatives to Candles

Christmas season is upon us and I’m on a plan to try as many Christmas diffuser recipes as I can.  One for every day and one for every evening of the month!  There is just something so nostalgic about walking into a home that smells so inviting and warm and merry that you can almost taste the sugar cookies, the candy canes or the holiday punch.  You can almost feel the warm pjs and cozy blankets being wrapped around you!

Here are a few of my favorite diffuser ideas and recipes to get you started on your Christmas diffusing journey to warm up your house and welcome family & guests this holiday season.  And a few diffuser vs candles facts to ponder…

Young Living Diffuser Blends for Christmas | www.fireflytales.net

I’m sure you all have heard the hype about our long beloved candles of yesteryear being extremely toxic to our health.  Being the skeptic that I am, I did a bunch of research and found that, yep, some candles ARE indeed TOXIC to our health!  Google these words and let me know what you find: synthetic fragrance risks, paraffin wax dangers, or any combination of paraffin wax, candle wicks and synthetic fragrance dangers and let me know what you find.  It won’t be pretty.  There are some scary words being thrown around as side effects and risks associated with burning candles in your home.  A common practice for many households, including mine growing up!

Some people might say, “but I’m fine! I grew up with it and just look at me – I’m fine!” … but are we?  How many issues are we facing these days that we consider so commonplace that we have accepted them as “normal” when maybe we could better manage them if we eliminated even 1 small thing like toxic synthetic fragrances, toxic paraffin wax and toxic candle wicks from our homes?  Skin sensitivities, digestive sensitivities, lung sensitivities, head tension frequency?

Right, so get those candles out of your homes, and consider this:

  1. A Christmas scented candle with 25 hour burn time may cost you around $35
  2. Using your Young Living diffuser to diffuse 4 drops each of Cinnamon Bark and Christmas Spirit (a blend of Orange, Cinnamon and Black Spruce) will cost you $1.97 for 4 hours of diffusing OR $12.20 for 25 hours of diffusing.

Let that sink in for a minute before you say that essential oils are expensive.  Let it also sink in that part of that cost for Young Living Essential Oils guarantees you their ‘Seed to Seal’ promise which means they highly inspect and quality control the farms they own, the distillation process all the way to the bottling process.  Pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils shouldn’t cost $5 from the bargin bin at the grocery store or bulk goods stores.  Anyone selling or buying that should consider the cost savings there may be due to fillers or low-grade, poorly distilled, oils.  I only trust Young Living with my family!

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is an investment in your health and wellness.  With numbers and stats like the above, even I can’t dispute that the benefits far outweigh the costs!  Plus, the wholesale membership (24% off future wholesale orders?! Wha?!) and rewards  points BACK TO YOU for FREE oils and product when you take advantage of the optional monthly subscription box offering is off the hook. These were deals I couldn’t pass up!

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Comment below with your favorite diffuser recipes!  I love when we’re all sharing all the goodness of all.the.oils!

xoxo, p


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{*Please note that use of essential oils is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, nor is it my intention to represent them as having done so.  My opinions of them expressed here are my opinions alone and solely based on how they have helped me and my family.}