I can’t believe we waited to what seems like the very last minute to visit Santa this year.

With just 6 days left before Christmas, we decided to head out on a Santa search.  The boys wanted to tell him how good they’ve been!  And what they wanted for Christmas!

And I have to tell you that the really long lines, the single shot photo and $$ that the mall Santas run aren’t our style.  Last year we discovered a super fun, easy and way cute Santa house at Larkridge where you can bring your own camera (!!) and Santa is super sweet and doesn’t rush the boys through their thoughts.

I was crossing my fingers he would be at Larkridge again this year, and thanks to tips from friends on FB, we found him!!!

Aiden got a little shy at first because he was so excited!

He wasn’t really sure about smiling because I think he was collecting his thoughts.

Santa asked him if he was a good boy this year…and if he’s a good helper to Mom & Dad…and if so, what did he want for Christmas for being such a good boy?

Well, that got a smile out of him!

For being so good, he’s asking Santa for a real Spider-Man costume with real webs that shoot out of his gloves! Oh, and a big sized one for Mommy with real web shooters too, please?

Say what?

Santa gave me a quizzical look, to which I could only shrug my shoulders.  My sweet boy is asking for a costume for himself and a matching one for his Mom.  His words, not mine!

For that, I got to hop up on Santa’s big chair and take a picture with him myself.  Wow, not sure I’ve done this since I was a kid!

Ok, so I was kind of giddy about it.  I think Aiden got a little kick out of me sharing the chair, too.

Not Drew, though.  He wasn’t taking his jacket off for anything.

Not telling Santa a single thing tonight! To which Aiden frowned a snooch, but quickly recovered from.

Even Joel got to squeeze in there with his boys for a quick pic with the one and only Mr. Claus.

Thank you Santa for setting up shop outside of a mall again this year and for letting us parents bring our own cameras (and to squeeze into the picture with you!).

And especially for being patient with our little ones as they find the courage to speak to you through their excitement that surely has them tongue tied!

And now, with our visit to Santa done, I have 5 more days to knock out some Christmas shopping because I’ve done NONE!

What about you?  Have you done your shopping yet?  Seen Santa yet??  Are you ahead of the game, or behind the eight ball?

Either way, I say: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!