I’m working on getting better at changing / updating my decor around the house as seasons change.  I admit that I started decorating my house before Pinterest existed, 10 years ago when everything cool was beige. And I would set and forget because finding the time for changing decor is HARD, people.  I admire those who can do it!  I’m going to try and be better!

And I’m so over the old beiges!  I’m jumping into the dreamy creamy colors, “greiges” and even loving grays and golds – together!  But not over-the-top ’90’s gold, more of a subtle glam gold.  A glamour that I was too nervous to have in the house before as a boy-mom.  But why the heck not?!  Just because I’m a boy-mom doesn’t mean I don’t get to have pretty glammy-gold things around the house, right?!

So check out my new fall mantel – it has white and a dreamy blue as anchor colors and I’ve accented it with gold.  A fall mantel I am in LOVE with!

Fall Mantel Decor | {www.fireflytales.net}

One of my challenges is that I don’t have a real mantel.  I have this weird cut-out above the fireplace with an tiny shelf.  I’m not sure what its purpose is really, so I’ve crammed weird things in here over the years – a tall red vase,a brown vase, picture frames of the kids, a metal cutout…all of which I would put up and then left as clutter as I haphazardly threw things in there to fill the space.

To change it, I had to re-imagine it by taking everything down and starting with a blank canvas.  Except my family of elephants – they had to stay and I would decorate around them.  They’re from Cambodia and love that they live on the mantel.

For fall, I knew I wanted white pumpkins and gold pumpkins to go with the the wooden pallet piece, ocean blue vase and white owl that I bought on a love-at-first-sight-because-it’s-on-sale whim, more than a practical decision.

I found this oddly greenish/white pumpkin on sale for $3, got a can of spray paint for $3 and now I have a lightweight gold pumpkin that sits perfectly on the edge of the mantel for super cheap!

Pumpkin for Fall Mantel | www.fireflytales.net

You guys know crafting is so not my thing, but spray paint is beyond easy folks.  If I can do it, so can you!  Just tape off the area you don’t want to turn gold, head outside, drape your area and spray away!

Fall Mantel Ideas | www.fireflytales.net

I added the white “love” decal (it’s metal) to the blue pallet for height and color variation, put artificial white flowers in the blue vase to balance and tie those pieces together.  I grabbed 4 books to give my owl some height, added a bronze “W” with gold accents and a white candle holder with a white and gold candle for more height and more subtle gold.

Fall Mantel Decor & Ideas {www.fireflytales.net}

I’m so excited about this change to brighten up the living room, bring fall inspired pieces in without overdoing the orange and yellow colors that are traditional of fall spirit and bringing a little glamour to my life!  Do you love it!?

Here’s where I found things:

  • Wayfair: wooden pallet art, blue vase, white owl, black clock
  • Hobby Lobby: white “love” metal decal, bronze “W”, artificial flowers, artificial pumpkins, gold acorn, white candle holdler, gold accent candle
  • Amazon/my personal library: books
  • Cambodia: elephants (I’m sure Hobby Lobby or Pier One has something similar, if you’re into these elephants)

I hope this inspires you to beautify your mantle for the seasons!  I hope I can keep up because Christmas will be here before you know it…Check back in Dec to see if I’ve kept my goal up and can update in time for the Holiday season!