Oh my sweet boys.  Now that Drew is 2 and can verbalize himself a bit more, Aiden isn’t as quick to lose his temper and get annoyed at his little brother.

But it happens, and boys will be boys.

Drew pushes Aiden’s buttons because Aiden knows he can’t be nasty back to his baby brother.  And Aiden wants desperately to be independent and do things himself but Drew is his little copy-cat shadow…Which drives him (Aiden) nuts.

But Aiden does have a quick temper and pouts with his whole body when Drew steals a toy out from underneath his nose.  And by, “with his whole body”, I mean (picture this, moms, I know you know what I’m talking about) a simultaneous foot stomp, arms across his chest, lower lip stuck out, a pout-y sob and a bum or whole body on the floor all within 1.2 seconds.

We’ve talked about calming down with 3 deep breathes, as they teach the kids in his Dina-school preschool class.  This works for Aiden if he’s dealing with adults or kids his own age.  Drew clearly falls outside that box.  We’ve talked about how timeouts aren’t always a bad thing, but that he can use the time on his step to calm down away from the situation and take his deep breaths away from Drew and just chill out.

But sometimes he just can’t calm down.  He’s fit to be tied and stomping in timeout while Drew is around the corner also in a timeout of his own.

My mom used to tell me that I would get so mad that I didn’t know how to let the “fire” settle down with myself to think straight.  And what was the fire all about anyway?  My dad would then tell me I wouldn’t know this if I was just mad to be mad.  My sweet boys are truly their mother’s sons.

So there I was looking for a calmer, quieter timeout experience. For their sakes, and for our sakes.

Enter another super cool Pinterest inspiration for a timeout timer/relax bottle!  The method here is for your frustrated child to take his anger out on the water bottle by shaking it into a hurricane of glitter swirls then calm down while they watch (mesmerized) as the glitter settles.

This time I grabbed my 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby to get my supplies (except the water bottles I used were Ethos from Starbucks, only because I had a coffee date there with Joel this morning).

  • Water bottles (Ethos from Starbucks)
  • Glitter glue
  • Clear glue
  • Superfine glitter
  • 1 super cute 4 year old to help make his very own timeout timer

Fill up the water bottle with super hot water from the tap, about 3/4 full.  The heat from the water made the glue on the labels soft enough to remove the label, but all of the goo didn’t go with it.  I did not have Goo Gone, but I did have rubbing alcohol swabs.  I used these to remove the sticky residue from the bottles.

Add glitter glue ~ I used 3 small tubes from the standard 12 packs of assorted colors for each bottle.  Aiden chose 2 green & 1 blue, Drew chose blue, red & silver and silver.  It will stream in like a ribbon, but the hot water will help dissolve it when you start shaking.

Add clear glue ~ this is to help with the consistency of the glitter versus water.  How long do you want your timeout timer to last?

Then, add a small tube of superfine glitter.  Again, Aiden chose green (his favorite color) and Drew chose blue.

Close the lid and shake, swirl and roll.  Every which way you can, move that water and glitter glue around to help break up the solids and make a hurricane of a mess in the bottle.  Set your timer.  If it settles too fast, add more clear glue or another tube of glitter glue.

Here, it’s partially settled, but too fast.  I added more clear glue.

When you get the consistency/time you want, seal the lid with gorilla glue.

The white bubbles at the top will go away, don’t fret.

Even Joel was caught staring at these colorful bottles in awe.  I really hope these timeout timers will help Aiden focus on not freaking out and finding a better way to calm down.

Thank you fellow Mom’s for sharing your secrets, and thank you Pinterest-ers for helping a sister out!

I’ll update on our (hopefully peacefully quieter timeout) progress!

Peace be with you…and also with you.