I can’t believe yet another Halloween has come and gone and didn’t get as many good pictures of my little monsters as I wanted. …and I was at work too late to catch the festivities and trick-or-treating.

It was hard enough to pick out their costumes, but luckily I had some help from Joel’s Aunt Margaret who sent over an arsenal of cute kiddo costumes.  And luckily the boys had a few different events that they could change costumes a few times over.

Here he is as Bullseye the horse from Toy Story.

And as Captain America.  I’m sure Bumblebee the Transformer was NOT Captain America’s sidekick in comic-life, but he was at our house.

Both boys put their masks on and off so many times they completely stretched them out!  Enough to only be able to peer out of one eye hole at a time. Ha!

And then a couple days later (not part of Halloween at all, but hey, remember when I said I didn’t get enough Halloween pictures?!) wearing Marty’s Afrocircus wig at his cousin Callie’s.  Can we call this Polka Dot Afrocircus pic an honorary Halloween one due to the wig??

Thank you to my fabulous neighbors who 1) handed out my bags of candy that I could not and 2) fed my children and husband dinner then trick-or-treated as a pack of the cutest kiddos you ever did see AND 3) for feeding me after I got off work.

It certainly does take a village and I’m so grateful to be part of this one.

Happy Halloween to all and I hope y’all had a spooky night!  …ready for the turkey anyone??