Making Thanksgiving calories count.  That’s what matters when it comes to Thanksgiving food.  Eating full-on Thanksgiving dinners twice; once with Chans and then with Woods.  This takes 2 full days dedicated to each family to get this kind of no-holds barred eating done.

No low-fat substitutions, no dieting; cheese alone and on everything.

Fried turkeys (x2) and hunky husbands.

Mini chile rellenos and green chile: unconventional, I know.  But super-delish.

Fried turkey #1: prepared by Papa and Phanny, carved by Joel.  Aiden was concerned that the turkey was just a “really big chicken”…oh no, son, this bird is surely a T-Day turkey.  Turkey monitoring ensures a deliciously fried bird.

Traditional stuffing, corn casserole (see the cheese?), and fried turkey #1.

These kids can’t wait to eat.

These Aunties, Uncles and this little cousin were desperately missed from T-Day festivities.







Pumpkin chucking and wheelbarrow races to burn some calories after dinner @ Woods’.







Stick a fork in them @ Chans’; we’ve out done ourselves once again.

So thankful to have spent the time prepping food, visiting, laughing and gobbling it all up with the family.

My heart is happy.

With deep fried turkey love,