I am thankful for so many wonderful blessings that fill my life with so much happiness.

I am overjoyed by the innocent, fearless, pure love and kindness that my boys show me each and every day.  And so proud of them for exhibiting those same emotions towards every person they interact with.  Other than the occasional temper tantrum, typical of kids these ages, there are no mean bones in their little bodies.

These grins, these chubby cheeks, the baby fat, the lights in their eyes, the halo…oh, you don’t see it?  Look closer, it’s there.  They just beg to be snuggled.












I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who spends every minute of the day doing something that is for the good of our family.

He tucks Aiden into bed every night, and doesn’t kick him out of our bed when he tiptoes into our room saying he’s “having trouble sleeping” in his own bed, or he’s sure he heard a coyote.

He watches Drew with an eagle eye when Drew, my little tiger, tries to bite off more chicken nugget than he can chew.

…and he loves me and lets me be crazy me.

I am thankful for Nana & Papa, who are truly my inspiration, my biggest fans and my heroes.  They are survivors, they are superheroes, and they are my mom & dad.  They challenge me to be my best, they are here for me and the boys whenever I need them and yet simultaneously also there for each of my siblings, always.

Home, to me, is wherever mom & dad are.

I am thankful for my siblings.  Thankful for the relationships I have with each of them.  Thankful for their opinions (good or bad), their successes and their support.  They are also there whenever I need them to be, by phone, email, text or in person.  Dad always said (something like, roughly translated), “you only get each other, once”.  So true.

Thankful our flip-flopped toes didn’t freeze off in the chilly Seattle mountain air.

I am thankful for my babies, my man, my family.  My job, my house, my messes, my health.  My loves, my life.

My cup runneth over.