Where most folks go to DC to visit the monuments, the museums or the memorials, I have to admit…I did not.  My brothers and I went out to see my lovely sister and to eat and drink our way through the city (my folks kept the kiddos).  We did visit the Lincoln Memorial at night which was overwhelmingly more amazing than I expected a work of stone could be.

Walking up and into the memorial, standing in front of a giant statue of our 16th President just took my breath away.  It got me thinking that I should have paid more attention in history class, that’s for sure.  Not just to Phanny’s 6th grade memorized version of the Gettysburg Address, but the real deal.

The Lincoln Memorial was the extent of my history lessons in DC (this time around).  Next DC visit, I’ll be sure to add a few days to my travel time to get more history lessons in.

Now, on to the food and fun!  Things I learned in DC:

  1. A 6 am flight is only good for this view, nothing else.  No amount of coffee can prepare you for in-country jet lag.  But this pic is almost worth it.
  2. The seafood market on the docks has the best, freshest, hand shucked oysters.  I could easily eat 12+ (that’s up from the estimated 6-8 I thought I would max out at)
  3. Margo throws a killer Chan seafood buffet.  Served in the comfort of her living room so we could get as messy as we wanted.
  4. Joel will have fun at any bar…even a Michigan fan-club bar, on a Michigan game day.  Note, his allegiances are to Notre Dame (shhh, the MI peeps had no clue).
  5. Tim is really a pool shark – don’t let the cue crutch fool you.
  6. My baby brother and sister have mega-watt, uber-white, knock-out smiles…they’re taller than me, but I will always call them my little sister and my little brother.
  7. We make the corniest bar fight faces
  8. Hill Country is an amazing BBQ joint that you can really pig out at if you had the appetite.  And I hear the live music can really get a crowd moving.  But by now, Joel is beyond exhausted and couldn’t two-step me to Brooks & Dunn if they were still together.
  9. I didn’t get enough pictures of Phanny & Amanda
  10. I already miss the Chan-P-Jam party weekend we had, all 4 of us siblings, pajama’d up and smushed all together in Margo’s apartment.
  11. Plane cabins are not actually pressurized for your comfort, they are pressurized to cause you to swell and retain water.  Wait, that might be the food and drink I binged on…either way, not cool cabin pressurization.   Not cool.

Until next time, DC; thanks for the memories…iPhone pics hardly did you justice.

Over & Out ~ pw