If You Give a Kid a Pile of Dirt…

If you give a kid a pile of dirt…

He will climb to the top of the pile and try to dig a hole big enough to jump into.  Where does he move the dirt away to, you ask?

Using his super strong, super big muscles, he fills his wheelbarrow and moves the dirt an astounding 3 feet away…just to start making another, newer dirt pile.

Oh, but wait!  He’s not done with dirt pile #1, just yet.  Uncle Zach to the rescue with a clever idea!  SCIENCE PROJECT!







Equal parts baking soda + vinegar…well, maybe a little more vinegar for good measure =

a homemade volcano, my friends.

See that grin on his little lips?

Before the bubbles have had time to fizzle out, he’s already thinking of making either 1) another volcano, or 2) burying the bubbles and mixing in as much dirt into them as possible to make some fresh mud.

A mud pile…a dirt pile.  It’s all the same big pile of endless fun for this kiddo.