Since having kids, October has been all about the Pumpkins and the costumes.  I love to see the kids search for their perfect pumpkins and then see how excited they get when we carve them.

Drew's Great Pumpkin

Scooping out the Goop ~ Teamwork

And the only thing that could tear my eyes away from my cute little peanuts?  These forearms – please, take a moment to admire the forearm and bicep action before moving on…

OH, and the costumes.  The stinking cutest, cuter than cute costumes.   This year, Aiden chose to be Bumblebee and Drew was a bear.

My Bumblebee & My Bear

The same bear Aiden was his first Halloween 2 years ago.  Couldn’t you just eat up those chubby little cheeks??

Little Bear #1 (Aiden)

Little Bear #2 (Drew)


And now another October has flown by me.  Goodbye 10th month, see you next year…

Bring on November and deep fried turkeys.  It’s on.

With love,