Thank you, iPhone, for capturing these blurry pictures so I could share in my scrapbook (translation: looking to upgrade to a full-on big girl camera one of these days…just as soon as this blog takes off…)…

I tried to crop out the lurker behind us, but can’t get rid of him without taking off the tops of our heads.  Not attractive!

One of us always “ruins” a picture – it’s our thing.

I’m not sure (can’t remember) if I’m being tickled or getting ready to be tackled.  But I guess I found it extremely funny.

I totally lied earlier; I did technically SEE another monument: THE Washington Monument.

View is from the top steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Beautiful sunset over the seafood dock, 3 dozen oysters later and pounds and pounds of seafood to take back to Margo’s.

Enough said.

That’s all she wrote, folks.  These were the most appropriate pictures I could share with y’all.  Enjoy!