‘Tis the Season…To Give

My first official gift of this Christmas season was the gift of life.  Blood, that is; by donation, of course.  It’s been over 10 years since my last donation.  Seems like every time I’ve tried to give blood since, there has been a reason I could not.

  1. Tattoo
  2. Pregnant
  3. Travel to Cambodia (this got me blacklisted for a YEAR!)
  4. Pregnant…again
  5. Cold/Flu

Etc. Etc…

This time though, when I got the call to schedule my appointment, I hesitated only for a moment to see if I could move some meetings around and voila!  Wouldn’t you know it, there was one shining opening in my day that was almost as if it was meant to be there for me to hike up the hill to the donation center and make it happen.

Everyone should do this!

I’m so proud of my big brother, Phanny, for succumbing to my peer pressure and deciding to do this with me.  A first timer, he was told he is the “ultimate donor” – 1 pint in 6 minutes and superb clotting ability (not an extra drop wasted!).

P – Your pint will save up to 3, count that, THREE lives.  In less than 30 minutes, you have potentially saved the lives of up to three people who needed a blood transfusion.

That is making a difference.  That is a Christmas gift to remember; a gift worth bragging about.

I’m proud of you, P.

Merry Christmas!