Breathe Chest Rub aka Croup Goop

Fall brings beautifully chilly weather, colorful leaves and fun autumn activities.  It also brings a terrible croupy cough to our family.  And once it hits one of the boys, guaranteed it’s going to get them all.

All of my boys have asthma induced by colds.  Once they catch the tiniest cough I can expect that within 24 hours it will manifest into a deep chest congestion and respiratory weakness.  It turns into a cough that rumbles in their chests accompanied by breathing that rattles their little lungs that can last 7-10 days and just make them miserable.  …making each other miserable, making them short tempered and making them seriously angry little elves.

We’ve gotten through the younger years with Vick’s vapor rub and we still keep it on hand…somewhere in the house…probably lost after last winter’s long nights of croup, colds, coughs, headaches and snot.  Probably best that we don’t actually know where it is anymore!

Enter my love of essential oils and fantastic support group of super-ladies whose kids are experiencing the same nasty ick.  The recommended combo below helps my kiddos breathe better, chill out and minimizes their cough.

Breathe Chest Rub aka “Croup Goop”:


Grab some coconut oil and whip it good – just throw it into a small glass jar and whip it with a fork or a spoon until it’s creamy.  Add Young Living Thieves, RC, Raven and Peace & Calming essential oils and mix until fully blended.

breathe again chest rub {}

Rub this awesomeness all over the kiddos chests, backs, down the spine and on bottoms of feet.  Put socks on them afterwards so they don’t slip all over the place.  I rub every morning before school, as soon as they get home and before bed.  If you have little-little ones at home with you, or on a sick day, try to do this every 2-3 hours.

For extra insurance, especially this round where {D} is really coughing hard, I scoop a dime sized amount into my palm and add an extra drop of Raven.  This has helped tremendously this last week in loosening up the phlegm, allowing them to breathe easier which minimizes the hacking coughing and appears to be shortening the span of the colds as compared to last year.

  • Thieves = germ fighting powerhouse of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary & eucalyptus radiata
  • Raven = supports healthy function of lungs and sinuses
  • RC = combats cough, cold, flu, mucus and stuffy noses
  • Peace & Calming = every bit as much as the name says – may support relaxation and a sense of peace for restful sleep or to calm the anxious feelings of being sick, which can be incredibly frustrating for a little kiddo (and adults, too!)

Additionally, I’ve been diffusing the Thieves, Raven and RC combo with Lavender in the diffuser in their room at night – door closed so their little lungs can take it all in and breathe better through the night and sleep easier.

  • Lavender = may alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms, reduces feelings of stress and tension and promotes restful sleep

I can’t tell you how much I love being able to manage this at home and keep the croupy cough at bay, which keeps the doctor away!

**these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, is not 100% proven to treat or cure any illness ~ this is just one mom’s testimonial about what works best for my family**