CKP Family Photo Session {2013}

We were so fortunate to have the amazing, the lovely and the talented Corrie Kraft snap our family photos again this year.

Well, ok, you all know I’m totally addicted to her photography.  I love getting my boys dressed up in color-coordinating “Joel” shirts and I love watching them turn into little camera hams.  I love how she captures & helps create these memories for me, and, well, I just love her!

I’m so thrilled with how these turned out that I’m getting larger canvas prints made for the house to decorate a wall I thought I would never put frames on.

That’s how much I love these!!

Here’s the fam (+ 1 little ham):

Drew’s face is priceless.  I wouldn’t have this picture any other way ~ his goof ball, larger than life, open-mouth laugh takes up his whole face!

My almost 6 year old:

Yeah, that’s swagger.  He doesn’t even know he has it.

School pictures won’t even come close to these!

LOVE this smile!

My boys:

They bring out the best in me…

Oh, you noticed the belly, did ya?

Yep, about 5ish/6 weeks to go.  Unless you factor in that Aiden was 4 weeks early…then I only have 2 weeks to go…


Someone pinch me.

Or help me name baby boy #3…because Joel and I can’t agree on a name yet.

Oh my Joel, my love:

Just shy of 10 years together and it still seems like just yesterday.  What an amazing life I’ve been given.

Thank you, Corrie ~ for preserving this moment in time for my family!  And for capturing the silly, sweet innocence, joy, love and laughter of my sweet little pookies, my handsome husband and my bulging baby belly!

For those of you on the fence about getting professional family photos, get on the bandwagon!  I promise you won’t regret it.  I’m so glad I didn’t skip this year.  Which almost happened since I am so largely pregnant!  I LOVE that we’ve documented this time in our lives.

…now to just find a name for our new little one…T-minus 5 or 6 weeks and counting…

With love,


{these totally awesome images were compressed to optimize web load time ~ they are SO, so amazing in full digital/pixel, trust me!}