I’m sure you all remember how obsessed I am with our annual Pumpkin Day field trip?!  We love Pumpkin Days so much we decided to do two this year.

Well, we had to cut or original Pumpkin Day short due to freeeeezing cold weather (winter coats, hats, gloves, the whole sha-bang) so we decided to add a Part II to this year’s Pumpkin festivities.

No complaints from the peanut gallery here.

Part I: Rock Creek Farms ~ U-Pick-Em (right off the vine!)

The boys bundled up and braved the near freezing temperatures to pick the perfect pumpkins.

The bigger, the better.

Half your size ~ even better-er!

Big enough that Joel felt he should drive further into the patch to pick up these giants rather than risk carrying them by the vines and possibly dropping/smashing it to the ground.  Smart man, this husband of mine.

We defrosted to saucy, cheesy enchiladas and Snickerdoodles (recipes to follow!); perfect for a cold fall day!

Part II: Miller Farms ~ Fill-er Up Wagons (as much as you can load onto a wagon for a flat price!)

On a much warmer day…

My mother-in-law was as giddy as the boys were for us to get out to this farm and load up a wagon full of pumpkins, squash, gourds, onions & potatoes.  All shapes and sizes.

And boy where there pumpkins everywhere.

And by everywhere, I mean everywhere!  Piled high everywhere you turned.  Big ones, little ones, orange ones, white ones, green ones, spiky ones, multicolored ones ~ I could go on and on.

Joel was in major concentration mode.  Each time the tower would fall, it became more and more of a challenge for him to build the stacks as high as he could and get as many pieces on the wagon as possible.

Drew couldn’t squeeze this little squash onto the wagon without Joel approving how and where to place it!  (Is it just me, or is that a total QB football stance that Drew is rocking with that baby squash?)

Aiden zoomed all around looking for all shapes and sizes to fit in every nook & cranny.

He even had other farm goers helping him dig through this giant pile to find the perfect pieces!

The beauty of this challenge is you just have to have it piled high and stable enough for the cashier to check off your cart and pay.  You don’t have to move it until after you’ve paid for your loot.  Thank goodness, because with the first step with our wagon, after we’d paid and checked out, our structure came tumbling down!  It took two wagons to get the load to the car.

When it was all said and done, after Pumpkin Day II came to and end, we witnessed this beautiful sunset from my In-Law’s front yard.

How’s that for a perfect ending to two perfect Pumpkin Days?

Aiden has been antsy-pantsy to get his monster faces put on his pumpkins.  With Halloween just around the corner I think we can continue the pumpkin fun this week and get that done for him!

If you haven’t gotten your pumpkins yet, it’s not too late!  Support your local farmers and bypass the piles at the grocery stores.  The experience is 10x better, I promise.

Boo to you too, Boo!