Yep, that just happened.  Sad to be me.

Funny thing is Drew and I were sitting on the sidewalk, near the rocks and I thought, “I sure hope he doesn’t drop this thing” as he was launching some ‘Angry Birds’.

He handed the phone off to Aiden and they started walking towards the house for dinner.  I remember thinking, “Oh good.  Aiden has it now.”  So nothing to worry about, right?


I came back around the corner from putting something in the garage and Aiden sullenly walked up to me and handed me my phone and said, “I’m sorry, Mom.  I dropped your phone on accident ~ it was an accident!”  I couldn’t even be mad.  I’m the adult who let my 4 year old carry her phone across rocks and concrete.

So what should I do now??  I checked some prices online and here are my options:

  1. It’s $110 to replace the cracked screen (which is so cracked it’s barely holding together beneath my cheap screen protector ~ a lot of good that did me?!).
  2. I’m eligible for upgrade so it’s $99 for a new 4 or 4s
  3. …or $199 for a new iPhone 5 (16GB / or @299 for 32GB)
  4. Scrap the idea of a cell phone all together and get those new riding boots I’ve been daydreaming about

Don’t let me fool you ~ I know nothing about GBs except higher = more storage.  And replacing the screen myself isn’t going to happen.

What’s a girl to do??