Sweet PeaAfter all this time, I still catch myself counting the boys’ fingers and toes.  Not for any reason in particular, but just to know they are there for me to count.  I always start with the big toe and work my way to the little pinky toe.  The balls of Drew’s little toes, when curled up, are the tiniest little sweet peas.  Aiden still giggles as I sing him, ‘This Little Piggy’, and loves to make up what the little piggy ate for lunch.  It’s different each time – sometimes he’ll have roast beef, sometimes macaroni and cheese and sometimes that little piggy will even have marshmallows!

I love that Aiden calls them his “little piggies.”  Once, I asked him if he had his shoes on to go outside and he fired back, “no, just my piggy toes”.  That’s slang for bare feet around here.  Although I do like to play games with Aiden and ask him if he’s got his ‘bear’ feet, or his piggy toes out to play when he forgets to put his shoes on.  He’s only three years old but he’ll still give me that, ‘mom, you’re a dork’ look.  Joel does it too.  But I’m sure he does so out of sheer wonder for the fact that he’s the lucky ducky who landed himself such a nerd who plays word games with her toddler.

I’ve even used Aiden’s toes against him.  Gasp!  Yes, I’ve actually told Aiden, ‘If you don’t listen to Mama, the coyote might bite your little toes!’  Mostly to see if he’s even listening but this one backfired on me.  He promptly replied, ‘no, there are no coyotes in here…and I have my socks on!’

Believe it or not, I absolutely hate toes on grown-ups.  They freak me out beyond belief; there are no set of toes on this planet, pedicured or not, that I have ever given a second thought to.  But my babies’ toes are the cutest little sweet peas on the entire earth.  Just now, as I laid Drew down for bed, his little peas wiggled just enough to catch my eye as I was patting his bottom in his crib.  I began counting, biggest to littlest, ‘one, two, three, four, five’ just to make sure they were all there.  And sure enough, those five little toes gave me the slightest wave to acknowledge they were there and they didn’t frighten me the least bit.

What I’m really trying to say is that my babies’ toes are an awe inspiring sight.  Even though generally speaking, toes, which are in the top 5 of my list of things that could make me vomit if I got too close, are not something I ever thought I’d write a blurb about.  I could count those sweet little peas over, and over, and over again.  And I do; counting my blessings with each set of five I get through.