I think it’s time for my first food post, eh?

I love food, have I told you that already?  I am so in love with food that I’ll never reach my goal weight.  Even if I were close, my nose would sniff out some deliciously fried carbohydrate, a seafood bake or a freshly uncorked bottle of red wine and send me back over the edge.  I’m learning to be okay with this.  I’m training Joel to learn to be okay with this about me.  Hehehe.  Trust me though, I don’t hear him complaining when I throw down some homemade mac & cheese or knock out a prime rib dinner.  Or, if we call it a date night to stuff our faces at a killer restaurant.

Food is my thing.  I can take any recipe, tweak it and make it my own.  I can sift through the pantry and put together some randomness and still call it dinner.  But actually writing my own recipes is the hard part.  I get going so fast most times, and eyeball about every measurement, that I’m not quite sure I could recreate the exact same dish unless I was lost in that same ‘moment’ over and over again.

I take pictures of foods and drinks that I’m about to consume so I can remember the event.

Rogue Ales - San Fran

Lobster Fra Diavolo - Boston

I take pictures of people eating food because of the sheer excitement and joy food can bring to them.   It’s a Chan thing.

The Crab Pot - Seattle (Tim - he's excited, maybe a little overwhelmed, but excited, I assure you)

My whole family is made up of foodies.  We’re each a connoisseur of our own favorites and we always try to get each other to try new things (except my brother Phanny who thinks he would rather die than eat a bean).  And we always take pictures of the Chan Buffet.

Chan Buffet

Since meeting Joel, I’ve turned him onto tomatoes, onion RINGS (the guy still won’t eat onions otherwise), hummus, fish sauce, pho and dim sum.  For a meat & potatoes kind of guy, who was traumatized by Americanized Chinese food growing up, he’s officially an honorary Chan.  He now eats nuoc mam straight up with a broken up jalapeno for his pho and has taught Aiden to wield chopsticks better than I can.  Maybe it was nerves, but he used to rush through a meal with my family and then end up watching us eat.  He’s learned to slow W-A-Y down and enjoy each bite a little more, help himself to seconds and not call it quits until he’s tried almost everything on the table.

Be still my heart!  The man of your dreams loves to let you cook crazy inventions, he tries everything you make at least once, and loves to eat & drink his way through a new city, pub or vacation spot with you.  Have I told you how much I love my hunky husband?  Food, for me, is ranked right up there with him and the kids.

Cuina Catalana - San Fran

*Sigh* my hips will never be the same.