Weekend in Winter Park : A Photo Session

I love Colorado!  There is nothing (NOTHING) like a weekend drive up the mountain in the fall as the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisper and cooler.  Fall is coming!!

We had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Winter Park with my in-laws recently and took in the beauty of Colorado’s mountain ranges with the gorgeously vibrant yellow changing leaves.  I offered up my amateur photography skills (because the ever so talented Corrie Kraft inspires me!) to snap some family photos to capture the moment and here’s what we got:

My sweet little Drew looking lost in the foliage.  I hope his spiky hair never calms down ~ it’s totally his style, and I love it sticking straight up!  He’s got spunk, that’s for sure.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Joel’s brother and her sweet little peanut (who is getting taller every time we see them!).  This is super cuteness at it’s finest!  I love Kristina’s smile! ~ It’s so infectious and just radiates happiness!

Joel’s folks.  We had to twist this John Wayne’s arm to get him out in the woods, but I’m glad we did!  Aren’t they a lovely couple?!

My little Aiden-Bug.  When do you think I won’t call him “my little” anymore?  NEVER!  Someone please stop his growing up.  It’s too much!  I’ll have to remember to re-do this photo with Drew next year.

My Joel & his brothers.  I love brother pictures.  I love Joel.  And how much he is always thinking about and looking after his brothers even if he’s not vocalizing it.  He loves his brothers.  A lot.  I want my Aiden to be the same kind of big brother.

Someone get me a tissue!

I tried to do the serious face-look with these guys because I think it’s super hot on Joel.  Then I totally forgot to do a smiling snap because it got a little hectic.  Note to self: make these good looking guys smile and throw their arms around each other next time!

And finally, my family.  Thank you, Kristina for snapping this shot!  I know I waved it off to try and get the rest of the family pics snapped, but I love this pic!

The weekend went by waaaaay too fast.  We all had a great time lounging around, hiking, eating, drinking, watching football, exploring the Main St., swimming and playing Scrabble.  It’s the stuff family weekends are made of!  What a great way to usher in the fall.

I promise you, Bald Eagle Shark Tarantula (Joel’s team name) is not a Scrabble cheater!  He’s just that good.  He beats me in ‘Words with Friends’ (almost) every time!

OH ~ and I just had to sneak one more pic in.

Are they kidding me with this cuteness?  Sheesh!

*All of these pictures were taken with my super awesome Canon Rebel T2i.  I’m still learning how to use it for more than just food photography and this was my first adventure in people and poses! 

I will be surfing Pinterest for more photography ideas and inspirations.  I’m feeling a little lonely out in the Pinterest world ~ feel free to follow me and keep me some company!

Love ya!