I love getting the boys all dressed up for a special occasion.  Aiden had the honor of being the ring bearer for our friends Brandon & Alison’s wedding last month and gosh darn-it if he wasn’t the cutest ring bear-er I ever did see!

My boys clean up pretty nice.  We got them hair cuts, out of their play clothes and into a slick pair of jeans and polo shirts for the rehearsal.

That there cradled in Aiden’s arms would be Rupert, Aiden’s stuffed bear that has seen him through many a ‘time out’.  He used Rupert as a practice pillow at the rehearsal.  So, literally, a ring BEAR-er!

Honestly, we didn’t plan the color coordination with little A.  And gosh darn-it, if she isn’t the sweetest little gal who takes such great care of my boys.  (And she has the most amazing manners, a contagious grin and giggles and man can she cut a rug out on the dance floor!)  As the night got darker and a little windier, she helped my boys get snuggled up in blankets before snuggling up into her own at the end of the rehearsal dinner. See, I told ya, sweetness is written all over little A.

When the big day came, Aiden did a fantastic job.  Minus the moment where the ring bearer pillow “blew” or “flew” out of his hands into the little pond behind the Minister.  After that, he stood up nicely with Brock and kept his pillow in check.

I think he was just waiting for the party part of the evening to start up.

Drew spent the entire ceremony and reception with Papa ~ I don’t know who was chasing who, but they did have to close the doors to the ceremony when Drew went into the hall to play.  His was giggle was so loud he couldn’t catch his breath!

Jacket off, tuxedo shoes laced up and ready to show off his dance moves.  And boy did he rock and roll out on the dance floor.  He danced his heart out.  He was sweating and exhausted by the end of the night!

We all had so much fun at your wedding B & Alison!!  Thanks for letting Aiden be a part of your big day.  He loved his tuxedo shoes so much he couldn’t understand why we had to take them back.

Love you guys!  Welcome to the world of wedded bliss.  It’s seriously the best!