First Day of School: 2016

Wait, what?!  First day of school 2016 rings in a 3rd grader and a Kindergartner…say whaaaat?

Unbelievable how time flies in this universe.  I cry every time I hear Nichole Nordman’s song: Slow Down. She’s singing my soundtrack this year.

I had an extremely hard time accepting {A} was going into 3rd grade.


And then downright near fainted with the thought of {D} heading into Kindergarten.


And this peanut picking tomatoes in the garden about made my heart explode because harvesting the garden was {A}’s thing when he was little, too.  Now {C} will be our last little gardener.



And then to make me go through with TWO 1st days: one for the bigger kids on Tuesday, then another one for the littles to ease into school days on Thursday.  As if my heart could take much more!

Well, thank goodness for chalk pens because this momma could not cleanly get real chalk to work on this craft store chalk board through my tears.  And I guess, thank goodness for those two 1st days so I could reuse my chalk board for each kiddo (read: I’m frugal!).

first day of school chalk board sign {}

first day of school DIY chalk board {}

And they’re off to see the wizard and learn magical things and make new friends and I promised myself I would be as brave as they are!