1st Day of … 1st Grade!

Well, my last post was about how time flies…and boy does it ever!

I just realized this week that baby C is the same age Aiden was when we moved to this neighborhood.  Before all the houses were even done being built on our street and I could still see the farm and pastures when I would look out the nursery window.  Now Aiden is 6.5 years old and starting {gulp!} 1st grade!

I got a little ambitious with his 1st day of school picture, but I think it turned out well!

Don’t look too closely or else you’ll see where I couldn’t quite figure out the lasso tool and how to smooth/curve the edges in Photoshop (hint: his elbow!).

My little ham was intent on giving me a buggy look because he said it was too bright out and he needed antennas since he had to close his eyes.  Couldn’t you just squeeze the cuteness on those cheeks?  It’s hard not to smile when I look at him in this photo.  My Aiden: always with the funny faces and infectious giggle!

Step by step:

  1. I had him stand next to a fun frame – the picture inside didn’t matter since I knew I was going to blow it out with black to fake a chalkboard.
  2. Open your picture in Photoshop and use the Lasso tool to free-form the selection you want to “fill” or blow out.
  3. Click “Edit” -> “fill” and choose black as the fill color.
  4. Use the Horizontal Type Tool to add text blocks where you can play with fun fonts to create a chalkboard effect.  I used a combination of HandyGeorge, KG Somebody that I Used to Know, and Bergamot Ornaments in white.

**Disclaimer: I am NOT a PS expert by any means and probably shouldn’t be giving step-by-step instructions.  BUT, I know that you can “undo” just about any action you apply, so play around until you get something that you like!

Here’s the pre-“chalk” picture:

Aiden's 1st Day Pre-Chalk

The cool thing is that frame is on an original piece of artwork by Joel’s Grandma Marty Wood.  She was a very talented artist and we’re lucky enough to have a few of her pieces in our “collection”.  I loved the frame and size for this project!

It took me quite a few tries with the lasso tool and the font spacing and selections, but I’m loving the end result.

And there you have it ~ my distraction from reality as Aiden starts 1st grade.  Just enough to keep my mind occupied so I don’t break out in tears at how fast he’s getting so big.

Staying strong ~