We finally got to go camping this past weekend!  Finally able to put work on hold and bump fun & family to the top of our lists.  Finally able to get out of town and get some real fresh air.

This annual camping trip is all about family.  The O’Brien family reunion @Alcova Lake to be exact.  What?  Y’all didn’t know I was Irish?  Well, I’m not!  But Joel IS and this is his mom’s family’s annual tradition that goes back to when Joel was a kiddo.  We’ve never missed it (that I can remember!) even when our babies were itty-bitty.

Well, now they’re not so itty-bitty, but still little peanuts…and 5 hour road trip challenged…but we’re buckling up.

And strapping in.

And hitting the road!  With nothing more than the radio, a box of toys (only what fit in their matchbox cars box), stickers, a coloring book, road trip snacks and waters.

Oh, and Rupert & Cat…and Boo.

We’re way old school.  NO electronics, or iPhones or iPads or i-anythings for these kids.  And we all still made it with most of our sanity in check.

Once the kiddos were set free, they went non-stop everywhere and played and played and played.

Aiden rode a jet ski!

And “swam” his heart out (courtesy of a borrowed life jacket) ~ he’s such a good swimmer!

Drew splashed ankle deep at the shore line.

They took little breaks only long enough to warm up before jumping back into the water.

My little frog-er.

And little lion.  Rawr.

Drew vroooooomed this truck all over the campsite.

They took the boat out for a spin down the canyon.

Which Drew wasn’t so certain about, but Aiden loved!

Aiden went to the ‘island’ on a kayak with Grandma!

She even let him man the oars!

Aiden and Callie went for an extreme hike with Grandma and Aunt Trish.

Breathtaking view, isn’t it!?  We’re down at the shoreline down there somewhere…

Oh!  The Aunts (Joel’s Aunts) are so creative and clever!

Marg came up with this cool melted crayon art project for the kids and Aiden got really into it.

Drew was into dancing Aunt Trish’s sunflower around.  But he was really too young for the project, so it was saner, uh, I mean safer for us, oh, I mean him, this way.

(Sorry about the crummy iPhone night pics ~ these really didn’t turn out that well!)

Both boys got to stay up waaaaay past their bedtimes.

Which results in this sleep position for Drew ~ like a rock ~ this was just his nap!

He still didn’t stir once that night.

But Aiden was so restless and excited to be out camping that he got to stay up late with the big guys to do some night fishing.

He was more interested in showing off that his camping stick was longer than Uncle Zach’s.

Mischievous little Drew climbed up onto the picnic table with Owen and helped themselves to handfuls of animal crackers.

Hands totally caught in the cookie jar!

And why I even bothered with a swim suit is beyond me.  I never even took off my swim cover-up!

We were so busy having so much fun, this is the only picture of the 4 of us that I could find on my combination of cameras.

Only bummer of the trip: no camp fires!  WY has a no-fire ban in effect and we complied completely.  To which Aiden said, “but you can’t have camping without a campfire!”  We explained to him that you really just can’t have s’mores without a campfire, but you can still camp!

And camp we did.  Froze our bums off one night the wind picked up so much we had to change into long sleeves, pants and sweatshirts.

And snuggle together.  And we loved it!  Every go-go-go and play-play-play, family filled fun minute of it.