So, I’ve been absent from blogging this entire week ~ so busy at the office I didn’t even have a free evening to sneak in a post.  10+ hours a day, late nights, and even dreaming about work; yeah, it really takes it out of you.

After a week of full on fiscal year end madness at the office, I finally had a day to myself, Joel and our boys.  The one day this week that I could look at my phone and only respond to family texts and calls and not expect to have work emails or work calls to tend to.

We finished our family fun day with a sprinkler run through the front yard.  Too lazy to pull out the kiddo pool and too lazy to even put swim trunks on.  Just enough energy to throw the garden hose into the yard and turn the spout to ‘on’.

Aiden can run and run for hours through the sprinklers  if we’d let him.

I think the water droplets still shock Drew a little bit.  He prefers to go a little wide of the sprinklers rather than through them.

And this is pretty much how we wrapped up our Sunday.  No park entrance fees, no crowds.  Just us.  Sitting on the porch watching the kids squeal and laugh their faces off chasing each other.  Letting the kids run through the yard until they got the shivers and decided to call it quits.

Just in time for dinner: PB&J’s and fresh fruit we picked up from the farmer’s market washed down with an ice cold glass of milk from the Longmont Dairy.  Nothing extravagant here tonight.

It’s the simple things that make up a great weekend.

Turn off work, turn off stress, turn off to-do’s and just have “running through the sprinklers” kind of fun.