Mom, I Just Love that Trailer

We’re finally dusting off the cobwebs and getting the camper ready for the summer.  So much for good intentions of taking the boys camping every weekend this summer.  In that department, we get a fail.

  1. We don’t actually have a car with an engine large enough to safely haul this baby
  2. We’ve been working our tails off at the J-O-B
  3. How did early spring and April suddenly turn into early August and half of summer GONE?!

Well, so here it is, the 1st weekend of August and we’re finally ready to set our camper a-sail on her maiden voyage of the year. 

Destination: O’Brien Family Reunion!

Phanny graciously offered to let us borrow his beast of a truck to pull it with (thank goodness I don’t have to drive it) while Joel continues to work his “Babe, this is why we need a new truck” angle.

The boys are in awe of the camper and the fact that it’s behemoth is parked out in front of the house.  Aiden keeps telling me, “Mom, I just love that trailer” and “I can’t wait to go camping this weekend!”

He keeps asking me if he can have his picture taken with it!

If Aiden does it, then so will Drew.

Now, with T-minus 2 days to take-off, Super Mom needs to pack food, clothes, fun gear, sun gear, accident gear, clean-up gear, diaper gear ~ and did I mention I’m working late tonight?

Joel is in charge of his 20+ fishing poles (yes, 18 of them are his and my 4 year old already owns 2 of his own), sleeping bags, chairs, firewood, and lanterns.

Will we pull it off in time?  Will we get there without any hiccups or missing gear?

Don’t forget the s’mores! (note to self)…don’t leave any kids behind!  Especially not the one who just loves that trailer!

Happy Belated Camping Season!