Walk A Mile…to Fight Breast Cancer

Saturday hit 102° but that didn’t stop us! 

“Walk A Mile in Their Shoes :: A High Heel Cancer Walk” was a local walk that took place at the same time as Avon’s 40 mile walk in Colorado this weekend and supported our very good friend Stephanie, who is fiercely fighting, and her family.

Joel & I loaded up the boys, lathered them up with sunscreen and topped them off with baseball caps and “walked a mile in their shoes” to support the fight against breast cancer.

The beautiful little gal to my left has been borrowed.  Although I would keep her if I could ~ I just love her!  She’s Brock’s little girl and she takes great care of Aiden; like a big sister.

Joel’s brother Zach was able to join us (and fight the cause! ~ Thanks, Zach!!)

Stephanie’s sons (“the twins”) are two of Joel’s best buddies and I’ve known them for over 15ish years.  Very much a part of my family, and I’m honored to be part of theirs.

Because they’re great at co-pushing strollers too!

It wasn’t a large walk, but it was enough to make a dent.  All of these amazing people came out to support Stephanie and fight the fight.

How’s that for community involvement!  Kim & Martini’s Bistro did a great job putting this on! 

It was also great that giant shade trees and martinis waited for us at the Bistro where we ended the walk. 

 It was a short mile and I’m so proud of my husband and my kiddos for giving up a Saturday on a sweltering hot afternoon to raise money and show our support in fighting this disease.

The heat was nothing compared to what Stephanie is fighting.  We’ll be with her every step of the way ~ come rain & shine.

If a 1.5 y/o can do it in this heat, so can  you.  Get involved, make a donation to the cause and help us fight.

Stay strong!