I can’t help but sing the “Veggie Tales” theme song in my head when I use this on my  produce.

This stuff is amazing ~ all natural, gluten free, vegetarian, non-toxic, etc, etc, etc…simply called, Veggie Wash.  Duh!

It takes the grime off of grapes, it shines up berries, removes wax from cucumbers and bell peppers and makes sure your citrus zests are all zest and not extra, well, extra anything else that could muck up the flavor of your zest!

Spray it on, rub to remove wax or soil and rinse.  It’s that easy.

Check out these rasperries ~ see the film on them from the grocery store?

I sprayed them with some Veggie Wash and let it do its thing.

And then rinsed.

Ta-da!  Nice and clean and ready to devour!

So easy and non-toxic I let my 4 year old, who insists he can and knows how to do everything himself now, do it.


Which also ensures he’ll eat it up because he’s more likely to want to eat what he helped prepare.

So two birds with one stone and we’re all happy about it!

LOVE this stuff.

Run out to the produce section of your grocery store and grab a spray bottle starter, or pick some up here.  Then, buy the refill solution in bulk and you’re set for a summer of fruits & veggies you can genuinely taste and feel good about feeding to your kids.

Smells great too!

Now EAT YOUR VEGGIES (that have been thouroughly washed and cleaned in Veggie Wash)!


Mom (uh, I mean ~pw)