This is the part of the story where I’m supposed to freak out about my baby growing up too fast, isn’t it?  

This is kind of a big milestone for us.  Aiden is finally old enough for team sports so this is our first go at a rec center team league sporting event!  Well, let me be honest with you.  I blew it at registering him for spring soccer ~ totally missed the deadline…and the wait list deadline.   Yeah.  I’m sure it was quarter-end or something here at work and honestly, it slipped my mind!

So finally, registered for T-Ball and waited patietly for the season to start.  At this age, they don’t play games.  They just practice the fundamentals, run drills to teach skill and each kid get a chance at bat.  He LOVED it! 

Although there was a point when he was at short stop that he got bored and yelled, “Dad, are we done yet?  I’m tired!”  He wasn’t actually tired, just tired of standing there doing nothing!

Drew loved it too because he got to run free through the field kicking his soccer ball and plop down with a bag of blueberries once he tuckered out.

You could tell Aiden is a first born child who is kind of a bossy (gee, don’t know where he gets his bossy pants from, do you?) when he was learning how to catch ground balls. 

Coach told him to get “baseball ready” with his glove out, knees bent and feet part ready to spring into action.  Aiden got low, but the ball rolled past his glove.  He told Coach, “here you go, try again”.  Stinker!  As if it was Coach’s do-over and not his fault the ball rolled right past his glove!  Ha!

Here he is at his first ‘at bat’ learning the right stance:


I think he shocked even himself when he connected with the ball!

Look at the disbelief on his cute little face!  Gosh, I could just squeeze his cheeks right through this picture! 

We had to remind him to run ~ he stood in awe for a good 2 seconds!

This is that moment where your heart leaps and you want to jump up and shout for joy.  When you see your little ones accomplish something as simple as connecting bat to ball and they are SO thrilled and you are SO thrilled for them. 

Surges of pure joy are like electricity running through your veins. 

And NOW I can freak out about my baby growing up too fast.  Blink and you’ll miss it.  4 years, just like that.  And it seems like just yesterday we were so excited because he was rolling over and crawling. 

My sweet little Aiden-Bug.  Growing like a weed.