Running Behind (Literally)

The other night I had a dream that had me giggling as I woke up. As the images came back to me, I couldn’t figure out why I was laughing, or why it was so funny when it was actually quite embarrassing! Then, something equally mortifying happened to me as I was running around trying to wrap up my work day and leave the office that tied it all together for me…

My dream: not sure if I was a famous person, or a public figure, but someone took some photographs of me while I was shopping for tennis shoes (paparazzi style like I was a Kardashian or something!). I didn’t realize I was being photographed until I saw myself in a magazine. At first I thought, “Wow, I look pretty skinny! All this working out is paying off!” as I saw myself reaching for a box of shoes.

Then, upon closer look, I realize my underwear is showing! Like, really hanging out ~ high above my yoga pants and is clearly visible in all of their lacy glory for the world to see!

Page after page are different angles of very visible underwear and I start freaking out thinking, “oh please don’t let my dad see these photos!” And as I look up expecting to see Dad ask me what I’m looking at, I wake up laughing.

So I tell Joel about this strange dream and can’t figure out why it was so funny to me when it was really bizarre and quite humiliating.

Fast forward a few days: I’d been wearing dresses to work all week because I was too lazy to press my slacks and jeans were going to be too hot (90° days here already!). I’m running to get wrapped up at the office so I can head out and get kiddos from daycare. My last stop is the restroom since I know I won’t catch a break again until the kids get to bed.

As I’m washing my hands, I feel a breeze as a fellow bathroom-er walks by so I do a quick skirt check. Sure enough, my skirt had been tucked right into my underwear and my bum was fully exposed to other bathroom goers.

Total rookie move ~ totally something I’m sure I did as a 7 year old. Dress hem right up into my underwear and my behind hanging out there in the open!

SO embarrassing I tell myself, “OMG ~ you absolutely can NOT tell anyone about this!” So what do I do? I immediately called my sister and we laughed at me until tears were rolling down my face.

And then I decided to blog it. Naturally.

Now I know why the underwear dream was so funny. Premonition? Totally. I just didn’t think it would actually happen to me!

Now maybe I should start the exercising thing my dream mentioned…