Most days I don’t get a chance to leave the office and take a break.

Lately, I’ve been packing my gym shoes, yoga pants and a tank top and scheduling in a break to get some fresh air.  Because y’all know I don’t really need to run out for fast food on my lunch.  What I really need is a plan to get in shape.

10 work days into the office’s ’10k steps-a-day’ challenge and I’ve only left the office 5 of those days.  But boy did it feel good to get a quick run/walk in.

Fresh air & sunshine does wonders for a stressful day!

This is my lovely view on the path that takes me down by a lake (man-made, but I’ll take it) near the office.

Sometimes I sing out loud when I don’t see anyone within earshot.  Hey, I’ve got my earbuds in so I can’t even hear myself!

My #1 goal is to get healthy and decompress daily.

My #2 goal is to lose 15lbs by the mid-to-end of August.

My #3 goal is to stop telling myself, “Come next Monday…” because once I get that old KT Oslin tune stuck in my head it bounces around for a day or two…

Come next Monday, I’m goin’ to bed early.

I won’t talk dirty for a week or two.

Goin’ on a diet, just like sugar, honey. Come next Monday, I’m gonna give up on you…

I’m not a sugar gal, but boy do french fries, tater tots and potato chips sneak past my will power.

And it’s not happening this weekend because I plan to smoke a brisket.

But come next Monday, do you all think I can stick to it?

Tune in next week for a pounds lost update ~ I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Send me some words of encouragement or your success stories and cheer me on!

Soon to be thinner, yours truly,