Weeds & Wild Flowers

Roaming around the yard a few weekends ago I found these beautifully colorful wild flowers…er, weeds.

How can you tell the difference?  What makes this a weed and not a wild flower?

Well, for starters, Joel said so.  Second, they were growing in the middle of my patch of grass in the yard so surely not an intentionally planted plant.

These are actually my favorite kind of wild flower ~ the dandelion.

The boys fight over who will pick the best one for me to make a wish on.

Every time I blow one into the air, I make a wish for my sweet boys and a wish for my dear friend Danielle’s sweet Aaron Matthew.  And I watch as the seeds sail up, up, up into the sky.

Every time.

These were planted on purpose to look like wild flowers.  When they start to bloom, I know spring is near.

Drew has to resist the urge to pluck these for me every time he sees them.

These were also planted on purpose to look like wild flowers.

I just love the dark glossy green leaves that have spread across this enclosure; dotted with these vibrant purplish-blue wild flowers.

It is incredibly hard for me to tell the difference between wild flowers and weeds.  I say, let ’em grow wherever they are.

Just enjoy ’em…& love ’em.

Love ya’!