Yes, I did.  My adorable little Pookies were at a birthday party for Ms. Bella this weekend and I let them get arm tattoos!

Well, to clarify, there was a face painting artist there wielding a super cool airbrush.  However, Aiden got stage fright and didn’t want her to paint on his face.  Until he saw the Lightening McQueen and Mater stencils.

I told him he had to be as still as a statue so she could paint on his arms. 

He then said, “Daddy!  Want to see my statues?!” …meaning tattoos.  Gosh he’s so stinking cute!

Little Drew, who was born in the year of the Tiger, so I chose a baby tiger tat for him. 

Because you know he’s not being left out of any fun.  If big brother is doing it, so will he.

If this is any indication of teenage years to come, my boys will be boys!  Although I will veto real tattoos as long as I can fight ’em on it.

Special thank you to Ms. Tracey for the super fun birthday party, the tumbling, the face painting/arm tattoos and the pizza!  We had a blast!! 🙂