As my folks attempted to leave our house last weekend, Aiden broke down into tears and begged my dad to take him for an overnight stay.  “Papa ~ don’t go! Papa ~ can I go with you?!”  And then Drew chimes in with, “Papa, Papa, Papa! Nana, Nana, Nana!”

These kiddos never give Papa a break!

And Papa loves to spend time with each of them.  From parks, to wagons…

to bikes…

to climbing fences…to snuggle-bugs…

and just relaxing. 

They love each others’ company.

Soooo, Papa promised to pick them up from school the following Friday and that they could have a sleep over at Papa & Nana’s house.

Which for Aiden equals the best day ever!  He’d been asking all week if it was Friday yet!

They get rice & cheese (their favorite ~ if ever on a hunger strike, this breaks their stubbornness down to nothing ~ they can’t resist it!)!

They get Pirates Booty for movie night (since Drew can’t eat popcorn)!

They get fruit snacks!  They get to take the couch cushions out and lay on the floor with them (trust me, we were NEVER allowed to do that as kids!)

They’ll probably get lathered up in sunscreen and play at the park until they can barely keep their eyes open!

I love how much they love their Papa Time! It makes my heart swell.

And it’s given me a free Saturday to blog while listening to the birds chirp and contemplate helping Joel with his backyard project…

Or not…

Happy Saturday, y’all!