At first I was skeptical because I didn’t fully understand its privacy settings.  Once I figured out how to lock it down, I gained a little courage.

And snapped a picture:

…applied the Lux feature, and a filter,

and I am now in love with Instagram-ing.

So is my sweet Aiden 🙂

Found this one in the archives:

And Instagram’d it:

L-O-V-E-ing it!

It’s like photo editing on the fly.

It makes fun photos funner and makes this rookie photographer feel like a pro.

Gosh my husband is handsome…

Oh, back to Instagram-ing info…oh yeah!  It shares your photos with only the people you allow to follow you, kind of like twitter-ing.  You can be as private as you like ~ total lock-down, open it up to friends and family, or go public.

Try it!  Leave me a comment if it converts you, or if it still scares the heck out of you.

Come on ~ be brave ~ the force is with you.