Well, not actually summer, but this past Sunday was the warmest day of early spring so far and we were not going to be cooped up indoors!  Aiden wanted to dust off his bike and take a spin around the block.

He peddled his heart out and said, “I’m Lightening McQueen!  Watch out — zoooooom!”  I think I heard a “ka-chow!” in there a few times too.

We were |this| close to putting on sunscreen.  Drew’s little cheeks were getting so red!

Not so much from the sunshine, it turns out, but from the long sleeves and the effort he had to put into hiking his leg up to get on the seat of his trike.  Might also be because he ran away from Aiden so fast after stealing his bike helmet…

The boys literally dusted off the swing set. All of the dirt and dust that settled on the play ground from being out here in the country ended up on their clothes.

They went up and down the slide and ran all around the play house.  My heart nearly burst out of my chest with happiness hearing them giggle and shriek as they chased each other.

And then I almost cried when they conspired to bring buckets of gravel to the top of the playhouse deck.  Not because they didn’t listen to me when I told them not to do it, but because I flash forwarded to high school and could picture them partners in crime doing something I told them not to do.

On one hand, I was upset that they didn’t listen.  On the other hand, I was happy as only a mother could be seeing her babies play well together.  My heart was happy (what can I say, you know me by now! I’m a sap when it comes to these kiddos).

Aiden found a remnant of last summer’s escapades when he tried to pull the wagon out of the garage.  A partial piece of his buddy Maddy’s sidewalk chalk!

Last year, sidewalk chalk was all about the abstract art.  This year, my baby (who so patiently reminds me he’s not a baby anymore and that I should call him, “kiddo” and save the “baby” for Drew), went to work on the driveway with concentration and determination in his eyes.

He tucked his little lower lip in, and wrinkled up his nose and set to writing his name!  His name!…WRITING his name…WRITING!  This sunny, early spring day, my baby – wrote his name in sidewalk chalk on the driveway.

Fine! (excuse me, I’m wiping away a tear of happiness)  He wins…kiddo it is.

Hello summer?  It’s me, Phanneth.  Bring me more sunshine, please.  I can’t wait for more days of dirt filled clothes, red cheeks, bicycle helmets and sidewalk chalk.

Sunny with a chance of love, laughter and mixed emotions over my babies/kiddos becoming another year older.  Bring it on; I think I can take it.