What’s worse than missing your flight out to a very important partner event?

Making your flight only to catch stink eye, er, I mean pink eye from the plane and having to be quarantined to your hotel room and forced to miss the welcome reception and the whiteboard event that your company is sponsoring!

…AND having to walk around in sunglasses through the hotel, in the elevator, in non-sunny spots to find the nearest walk in clinic to get antibiotics for said stink eye.  I’m neither a celebrity or a wanna-be.  Large sunglasses do nothing for me indoors except cause me to almost bump into a pillar hidden in the darkness of said sunglasses. 

But if you took one look at this monstrosity, you would run the other way screaming, I promise you.  I can’t even put make up on this poor little eyeball!

Thank goodness for CVS’s MinuteClinc which was only half a mile away from my hotel.

Un-make up’d stink eye was incognito under the cover of my large sunglasses as I walked the quick 10 minutes to the clinic.  I only had to wait 5 minutes after registering to be seen by a super friendly, extremely knowledgeable Nurse Practitioner. 

“OH, honey!” she exclaimed as I took my shades off upon entering the room.  “I think I have pink eye,” I told her.  “Yes.  Yes, dear, you probably do.” 

They filled my prescription within 15 minutes and I was out the door.  Easy enough!  I was even able to pick up a few new temporary eye make-up items for my non-infected eye that will hold me over until I kick this nastiness.  I’m not risking the spread of this into both eyes, I can assure you!  But now, not only am I worried about infecting someone else, I’m worried about infecting myself!

I won’t freak you out with an actual picture of ugly eyeball (sorry M, you and Joel were my only victims, I promise).  I can only tell you it’s painfully irritating and horrifically atrocious. 

Thank goodness for room service…

Twice in the last year I’ve been out to Vegas and both times ended up having to see a doc and not the result of a “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” type of incident.  How embarrassing and super lame is that?!

Quarantined and contagious,