Happy St. Patty’s Day Eve!  I think every holiday, event or day worth celebrating should have an ‘Eve’.  For example, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Friday Eve (Thursday) and now St. Patrick’s Day Eve!

I have to stop myself from doing everything in shades of green for St. Patty’s and overdoing it.  Good thing I have boys; I already have TONS of green stuff.

And good thing I married an Irishman; I have plenty of excuses to have cute little shamrocks decorating my house.

And my wonderful mother-in-law gets me something new and clover-ish every year (thanks, Denise!).

I actually love the color green.  It’s bright, vibrant and gorgeously warm, happy and springy.

With St. Pat’s day around the corner, I’d been thinking about making a leprechaun trap with Aiden, but didn’t know how much he “knew” about them.  He’s only just turned 4 and his memory bank doesn’t recall anything from last year’s St. Pat’s day…but this year, when I went to pick him up from school, he had just made fool’s gold out of some rocks and giggled and jumped when I asked him if he thought a leprechaun would like it.

Now, keep in mind too that I’m not a very crafty-type of mom.  When I say “leprechaun trap”,  in my head I can picture a shoe box propped up by a ruler, his newly made fool’s gold, some green skittles, and anything else green or shiny.  So naturally, that’s pretty much what we did.

Oh yeah, this baby is catching a sneaky little leprechaun for sure!

Aiden is so sure of it, he went right to bed when I told him the leprechauns won’t come until they know he’s sleeping.  Joel helped him set up multiple traps to give us better odds of catching a sneaky little lad or two.

I told him leprechauns love all things green.  That made him laugh because he loves all things green too.  I’m tempted to make green eggs tomorrow…except he definitely doesn’t like eggs.  So we’ll skip the green eggs, but I probably will serve up as much green as I can on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve got green cabbage ready to go with my corned beef…I’ve got lime green Otter Pops and O’Brien green limeade slushies (good thing it will be warm and sunny! … and good thing my boys love sour limes!) and a bag of fresh sugar snap peas and green grapes.  I spent a part of my evening looking for green marshmallows, but honestly, I’ll probably food color the heck out of plain old white ones just to make green rice crispy treats.

Ahhhhhh!  I’m a dork.  I love green.  I love St. Patrick’s Day & I love the luck of the Irish.  I even love Notre Dame (sorry, Joe).  And I’m catching us a leprechaun, Aiden!  Wait and see…

~May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow.  And may trouble avoid you wherever you go~

Yours Greenly,