“Date Night” doesn’t quite mean what it used to for me and Joel.  These days, we have a little shadow…or two…that joins us for dinner and a movie and eats all of my popcorn.

Yes, my sweet little Aiden is a popcorn fiend!  He is as addicted to popcorn as I am to hash browns and he gobbles it down so fast we have to get him his own little bag to ration and pace him throughout the movie.

Our date-day started out at the dentist, actually.  It was time for his check up and he’s a dork (like his mom) who loves to visit the dentist and let them poke around his teeth and gums.  He was cool as a cucumber; crossed his legs and relaxed in the chair.

His only concern was, “Mom, is this the doctor with the shots, or not?”  I told him as long as he kept his teeth clean and didn’t eat too much candy he wouldn’t need shots from the dentist.  What?!  It’s true, isn’t it?

He was not very patient with me as I finished up working from home.   He would run outside, then back in, then back out.  “Mom, are you done yet?” “Mom, look at Rupert and Cat!” “Mom, give me a boost (on the swing)” “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mom, Mom, Mom!”

Thank goodness Joel came home a little early and was able to take him down the street to play with his pals, Bella & Maddy before we left for the evening.  Running around our swing set by himself while I was working from the kitchen wasn’t enough for him, I guess.  He came running back home as I was logging off and said, “Mom, that was great!”

And then we were off!  Drew spent the evening with my folks because there is no way he was going to be able to sit through a movie and there was no way I was going to be “those parents” who ruin a flick for other movie goers.

First stop: 3 Margaritas.  First things first: dorky mom takes a picture of her adorable little boy and overly handsome husband:

No margs for me – too sweet when they use the mix.  If it’s not real lime juice, it’s just not a real margarita, in my opinion.  Aaaaaand, no sense in getting too much of a buzz with little ones in tow.  Aaaaaand, it’s wasted calories and space if I’m planning on eating a large bag of popcorn by myself when we get to the show.  Scratch that, splitting a bag, as I’m sure Aiden will elbow his way into mine.

We saw ‘The Lorax’ with Uncle Brien, Aunt Kristina and little Callie and we all loved it!  I wasn’t sure Aiden would get the meaning of it at first because he wasn’t that impressed with the previews, but he was glued to the screen.  Bug-eyed and loving it!  I can’t believe I failed to get a pic of Callie’s cute pink cowboy boots.  Or of the two kiddos snuggling in one seat together as they swapped candies and shared their little bags of popcorn.  My mouth got to gabbing with Kristina before the show and listening to the kids talk each others’ ears off.  What can I say, I got carried away in the moment!

Aiden was up waaaay past his bedtime though.  We got home well after 10 pm and he was passed out in his car seat within 5 minutes of taking off.  Complete rag doll as we pulled him out to bring him up to his room.  He was beyond tired and after his burst of energy first thing Saturday morning, he passed right out again!  Snuggled up in my lap outside in the sunshine.  Not even the chirping birds could get him to sneak an eye open.

These are the days I will remember though.  Not the structured, we’re on a schedule, type of days; but the days we did things outside of the norm.  The days Aiden had so much fun he could fall asleep mid-stride or mid-sentence.  I know I say it all the time, but it’s true: he’s growing up too fast!  One of his favorite songs is Taylor Swift’s Superman because he thinks it’s about a superhero.  I know it’s not at all about a mother and son, but this line gets me every time then I hear it and it makes me think of him: “He’s got his mother’s eyes, his father’s ambition I wonder if he knows how much that I(‘ll) miss him…”

It was a great date night, Bug. I love you to the moon and back about a million times and that’s still not enough to describe how much I love you.

(Drew ~ your turn is up next, baby!)

Trying to stop time…or at least finding the time to make the memories that count and enjoy the kids and this weather.