So beyond the embarrassment of having pink eye as an adult (not even contracted from my own kids), I had to face the public without eye makeup for a few days.  Embarrassing for me since I’ve been wearing some sort of eye makeup since I was 15, and horrific for the general public brave enough to look me in the eye.

For fear of contamination, I had to throw out, yes, THROW AWAY, all make-up that touched or came near my eye.  This included eye liners, mascara, shadows that brushes were dipped into, powder tubs that brushes grazed, brushes that touched those brushes, etc…yikes!

Like any girlie girl, I love getting new makeup and I love getting lost in an Ulta or Sephora.  It’s like Christmas for me when I get to open a new tub of bareMinerals foundation or mineral veil.  The fresh click of a new tube of mascara opening for the first time is like opening a refreshing cold bottle of water on a hot summer day.  New brushes are like the first butterfly kisses of spring on my eyelids!  Until I realize this is going to cost me almost $200 to replace everything! …Eeeek!

First things first; if I have to wait for my eye to clear up, I can’t put new brushes or new product on, or near, stink eye.  My brows, though, can’t go untouched up.  I have this condition where random eye brow hairs decide to jump ship and leave gaping holes in the center of the arch.  Those that are left behind decide to rebel and point in opposite directions rather than go with the flow.

I’ve been through eye brow pencils and powders aplenty and have finally found the ultimate, the best, brow product on the market.

Hello Smashbox Brow Tech!  An amazing discovery that has now made my list of favorites!  Two colors ~ TWO ~ and wax ~ yes, WAX ~ to make imperfect brows look perfect.  I bet those sad, missing little brow hairs wish they hadn’t vacated their seats now!

At first I didn’t think the dark brown shade would be dark enough since my black hair is, well, black.  But it’s just right!

I followed the directions exactly and got fantastic results: start by applying the lighter shade of powder to fill the sparse areas, then use the darker shade to define. Finally, apply the wax to groom brows and keep them in place all day.  It doesn’t look look drawn on, doesn’t look clown-ish and doesn’t melt or smudge!

I did not, however, use the recommended Smashbox angle brow brush #12 for two reasons:

  1. it was almost as expensive as the tech trio itself
  2. the handle was longer than I like for an eye brow powder brush

I opted instead for a Japonesque Travel Angled Brow Definer brush for portability, cost efficiency and precision control.

It also scores very highly for overall cuteness and therefore can piggyback Smashbox on this favorites post.

Now run out and get yourself some using any of these excuses below:

  1. Free Shipping at on all orders of $25 or more ~ code 22519
  2. $3.50 off orders of $10 or more ~ code 77739 (some restrictions apply)
  3. Penny got pink eye, so you must treat yourself to new cosmetics
  4. $10 off orders of $60 or more ~ code 80531 (some restrictions apply)

Not missing those M.I.A brow hairs one bit (thank you, Smashbox!) and enjoying my Ulta shopping spree courtesy of stink eye,



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