Time Flies on Maternity Leave

Well, I’m about up to the end of my maternity leave.  All too sudden, if you ask me!

We went from largest baby bump of the year in 2013 ~

Holy guacamole was I ready to pop.

To “SURPRISE” my water broke after sneezing after just getting home from the office by 20 minutes after driving home through blowing snow…

3 weeks early, might I add!

To welcoming this handsome chubby cheeked sweetness into our lives.

We took a 2 week old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old up the winding, icy mountain roads to Winter Park and celebrated a Master’s Degree {with Honors!!!} ~ congrats, Timmy!

Made snow angels, sent the big boys tubing and sledding and ate our faces off.

I got to go to Aiden’s school before Winter Break and do crafts with he and his classmates while my mom kept Christian for the day!

Had a lovely Christmas, birthdays and anniversary {Happy 7 years, babe!}.

Watched these cheeks get chubbier by 1 month…

…and chubbier by 6 weeks…

Not chubby enough to eclipse this melt your heart right out of your chest dimple and the start of a “social smile” by 2 month though.


Tummy time is a lay-up for this kiddo.

He lifts his head right up, looks at me with his, “Mom, really?!” face and turns the other cheek.  Not even breaking a sweat, this baby’s neck muscles are outta this world strong.

And FINALLY ~ the true, look Momma right in the eye, smile of joy and recognition.

Sleepless nights are worth it to get this gummy grin.

My next visit as a parent helper to Aiden’s class was strategically selected on Crispito lunch day ~ Sanborn Elementary alums, you know what I’m talking about!

It’s not pretty and it may not even be healthy for you, but it’s nostalgia in it’s purest form.

It’s like a super thin tortilla rolled skinny, like a taquito, over seasoned ground beef and baked until the ends are crispy.  Like a crispy burrito, hence the name, Crispito!  It’s kind of gross that I still love this from my childhood school lunch days.  And kind of grosser that they give you 2 on an adult tray now as a parent and I ate them BOTH…

My little TMNT is growing taller and skinnier and starting to lose his baby fat.

Aiden reached his 100th day of school ~ he worked up this killer collection of 100 candy hearts that he and Joel strategically placed grid-like on the poster board.

By 10’s going down, by 20’s going across, by 2’s of each color and in a pattern.

My love for books and writing my not rub off on this super-smart super-star, he reads on my request, but not because he wants too…

But Joel’s sharp as a tack, faster than lightening mathematical numbers genius clearly is.  He asks to play numbers and math games randomly, all day long.

And now, with just a few weeks left on leave, I’m beginning to panic with fear…how will we get them all out of the house on time?  How will we get to work on time, how will I get OFF work on time?  How will we get dinners made, kids fed, teeth brushed & bathed and homework done?  How will we get the house organized, beds made, floors vacuumed, counters wiped down, laundry done, get the dog fed and the bills paid?  How will we get them to soccer and t-ball on time?  Who will put the laundry away?

And then I remember, I have a wonderful family, great neighbors, a killer boss and an awesome team at work and that Joel is the worlds most amazing husband and that we have incredible kids.

There may not be enough time in the day, and I may start to unravel, but then I remember hope as a light at the end of the tunnel.

{ This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls }

{Hebrews 6:19}

I may start to stress and panic ~ if you see this on my face, friends, or hear it in my voice, just remind me to turn back towards the light.  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, I’m not going to focus on what little time is left on my maternity leave – I’m going to focus instead on all the fun things we’ve been doing day-by-day.  And I’m not going to worry about worrying, as both my boss and Joel have said to me. I can’t stop time, I can’t slow it down, I can just live it.

With these handsome fellas:

So, be in the moment.  Stop PRE-worrying. …And remember to breathe!

Wish me luck!