Tips to Get You Feeling Better When You’re a Sickie

There is feeling sick, and there is sick of being sick.  I’ve reached the sick of being sick stage.  I’m all for laying in bed and recuperating, but a girl can only do so much of that!  Once I could lift my head up off the pillows (about 2.5 days into lifelessness), I started compiling a list of things to help me shake this funk and say goodbye to the Bride of Frankenstein hair-do I’ve been sporting.

Now, know that I’m not a doctor or any other type of health care professional.  I’m not talking about things that will cure your cold, I’m talking about a few things that will make you feel close to human again.

Here goes:

  • Drag your achy bones out of bed and take a hot shower, scrubbing your teeth to double squeaky clean

~ Just because you can’t smell you, doesn’t mean those around you aren’t suffering in your stench.

  • Apply a little bronzer and blush ~ this will take your look from “sleeping with the fishes” closer to a blushing “Sleeping Beauty”.
  • Make yourself an appointment ~ by day 2, I was ready to call the doctor.  This crud wasn’t getting kicked on it’s own.  Although an appointment for a manicure or a pedicure is also a good choice, try the doc first.
  • Put on some jewelry ~ 2 days in bed without and I miss my anni-birthday necklace, my wedding ring and the first ever pair of diamond earrings Joel gave me our first ever Valentine’s day together, 9 years ago.  Yep, still wear ’em.
  • Leave the house ~ get some fresh air.

~ Walk to the mailbox, go to the park, or drive to before mentioned appointment; either way, get outside!

  • Treat yourself to a Starbucks ~ fancy coffee or fancy tea is always nice.

~ Soothes the soul and warms you from the inside out.

Now that you’ve showered, brushed your teeth, but on bronzer, jewelry and made yourself an appointment, you have places to go!  Don’t let a stubborn virus hold you down.  It may knock you on your butt for a few days, but it can’t hold you back.

**These are clearly older pics of the boys to help illustrate my tips.  They are well and healthy as can be!  I’ve spared you the potential monstrosity of my own pics as I’m still in recovery mode from this nasty little virus.**

Did someone say antibacterial??  Now try really hard to wake up feeling well so you go back to work tomorrow!