My sweet baby Drew is one-of-a-kind.  He’s certainly in a class of his own; feistier than an only child, spunkier than a teenager and funnier than the class clown. He’s a pacifier baby and I know I should start to take it away from him, but he’s just too adorable with it half hanging out of his mouth when he grins.

He “talks” with it in, but he’s only got about a 5 word vocabulary.  So most of the time when he babbles, he sounds like “Marcel the Shell” when he’s dragging his lint dog along.  “But sometimes, I tie a hair to a piece of lint and I drag it around.  Come here lovey, come on, come-come ah-a-ahhhhh”

If you tell him not to do something, he does it anyway.  If you tell him to put something down, he’ll look you in the eye and throw it right down.  “Drew, no!  Don’t take all of these kleenex out; you only need one…”

“…or all of them.  Oh, sure, go ahead and tear them all up and stick them back in the box.  Sure.  What a good little listener…sigh.”

Spunky, I tell you!  I was chatting with my mom about his spunkiness and she just laughed and pointed at me.  “That was you!” she said.  Apparently, Mom is always right.  She always used to tell me, “just wait until you have kids.  All of this trouble you’re giving me, they’ll give it to you and then you’ll see.”  Sure, Mom.  I didn’t believe her!  But man was she right!

He loves to brush his teeth.  Or should I say, gnaw the toothpaste off his toothbrush.  He doesn’t do exactly what I ask him to, but he’s always within a few degrees of the request.  “Drew, brush your teeth, please.”

“Or just get super excited about the tube of toothpaste, little Love”.  He actually does a pretty good job of getting the toothbrush in there and polishing those adorably large chompers of his.  And no, that’s not bed head, there’s no goop in there – that’s naturally crazy hair!

My little Marcel and his “lint” puppy:

“Come here lovey, come on, come-come ah-a-ahhhhh”…”come heeeeerre, I love youuuuu.”

Sweet Little Marcel Love,