Meet Belle…our yellow lab.  She loves the snow and chasing snow balls.

She loves the lake.

The boys love to play with her, look out for her…and tease her.

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Yeah, that’s Drew trying to lick her.  Hey!  It keeps her young!  She doesn’t mind it at all.  Hahaha

She’s very much an indoor dog.  Sheltered, dog-parked, allowed on the bed, raised in our tiny little condo: Belle-A-Potamus.

Before we had babies, she was our baby.  (We were practically babies still ourselves when we got her – Ha!)  When we rescued her, she was the only puppy with her eyes open and when I went to pet her, she bit me!

Love at first sight.

She was allowed on the bed, the couch, she was rocked like a baby! Heck, she was spoiled rotten!

Then, someone told me your dog is just a dog when you have kids.  I swore I wouldn’t downgrade her status in our family.  But it happened.  She’s been removed from the furniture, the bed, the kitchen, the boys’ rooms.

But she’s not any less loved!  Drew is her protector, and Aiden chases her all around.  She even gets into trouble with them.

And she’s very well fed.  Every time I turn around, the boys are sneaking her snacks!

Wow, she’s almost 8 years old.  Hard to imagine that she was ever an itty-bitty little puppy dog.  She’s getting white hairs all around her face!  Also, hard to imagine she was a sofa dog!

We love you Belly-Belle.  Even though you desperately need a bath.  You’re still one of our babies.