I just love, LOVE, love these anti-bacterial hand soaps from Bath & Body Works.  I love them so much, they make my favorites list, and probably will multiple times over!

I love that they release new flavors with each season, and bring back popular favorites for the Holidays.

I love that they have a foam soap that covers every inch of my kiddos hands and fingers with little effort.  Easy enough to use on my squirmy 1.5 year old!

I love that Aiden is so excited to smell the flavors that I don’t have to argue with him to wash up for dinner, after dinner and after using the potty.

I love that I can ask him to let me smell his hands after washing and I have no doubt that he’s lathered up – kind of like the “Discount Double-Check” – we’ll call it the “Mommy’s Nose-Knows” double-check.  The soap’s fresh scent lingers enough for me to catch a whiff and for him to think his Super-Mom has eyes in the back of her head and sees EVERYTHING he does and DOESN’T do!

I love that I can be girly with the flavors and there are still fresh scents for Joel that don’t make him feel girly!

I love their PocketBac in matching flavors – I keep them in my purse, the car, the kids’ backpacks, at Nana’s, the junk drawer, the bathroom drawers, the end tables in the living room, and on the kids’ dressers, near every Kleenex box, etc…  Anywhere you can think of, I’m leaving these little smell-goods around.  Aiden knows that it’s one of my rules to have him use a drop after he blows his nose and throws his Kleenex away.  And it passes the “Mommy’s Nose-Knows” double-check!

I love when they run their volume deals – I recently landed the 7 for $20 which brings them down to $2.85 each!!  I’m stocked and ready to usher in spring and summer with delicious Pear, Cherry, Caribbean & Summer Escapes, Cucumber-Melon and Peach.  Spring can’t come fast enough; I’m forcing a climate change into my house each time someone washes their hands!

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