Toilet paper delivered to my door – AWESOME!


As you know, I’m slightly addicted to finding things that make my life easier and help keep my household running smoothly.  Well, I’ve found my last time and sanity saver… TOILET PAPER DELIVERED TO MY DOOR!!



I ran across this company called and couldn’t help but check them out given the interesting name.  Basically, they will deliver a box of toilet paper to your door every month based on the size of your family.  Awesome, right?


  • No more worrying about whether we’re running low and will have to resort to kleenex or paper towels. 

  • Plus not having to lug around a huge thing of toilet paper in the shopping cart has been really nice too.


I initially had my reservations because the cost was super cheap so I thought that maybe it’d be poor quality.  I decided to give it a go anyways and received my first box last month.  The quality was great and I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and durable it was.


And here’s the best part.  They will give you your first month 100% FREE, not even a shipping charge.  Plus, you can cancel at any time.



TIP: on their website it looks to you have to pay for the first box but when you get to the shopping cart your order total will be $0.00.


I’m definitely a fan and plan on continuing my delivery service with them.


Great price, good quality and convenient – can’t be that.


Click HERE to check them out.