The Nomad Way…a friend and fellow blogger’s story

You know how most people say they are going to ‘travel the world!’ and ‘take an adventure’ before before settling down after marriage?  Well, this wonderful couple is doing just that!

And wouldn’t you know it, they are currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia; the place my soul knows is home.

After years of traditional desk jobs ( which is where I met them both), Kim and Shaun had a yearning to become nomads and travel the world.

This quote from her blog, The Nomad Way, captivates me:

“To be wanderers that travel from place to place having no permanent home just a passion for adventure and seeing the world.”

Kim is an amazing storyteller who speaks from her heart; her blog posts will make you feel as if you are there with them sharing in this journey that God is leading them through.

Shaun is an extremely talented landscape photographer who will wake up at 3am to be sure to catch the sun’s very first light for the very best and most stunning picture your eyes will have ever seen.

I invite you to peek at their blog, sign up for her RSS feed and take a 5 minute mental vacation from your busy day and follow them around the world.

Her descriptions of the ancient and magnificent temple of Angkor Wat are drawing me back in time to my previous visits and make my heart long for the pace of ‘Cambodian Time’, the smell of wood burning fire and my extended family.

Where ox pulled carts share roads with bicycles and both are acceptable means of transportation.

Where wide open spaces really are wide and open.

I remember laughing out loud because I finally understood what my Dad meant when he’d say we kids smelled like water buffaloes after playing outside in the dirt all day: I saw (with my own eyes, for the first time) a stinky old water buffalo wading through knee deep puddles covered in mud to stay cool.

I remember a serene moment of silence that fell upon my Aunt’s house as my husband, my brother and Joe  knelt to pray with monks.

Shaun’s photographer’s eye has been capturing these historic temples of Angkor Wat, which will always be considered one of the 7 wonders, in my opinion.

Following their blog and seeing their Instagram pics bring me back to my tour of Prasat Bayon and the ‘Smile of Angkor’.

It makes me wish I had taken Joel up on that elephant ride up Phnom Bakheng.  However, the elephants were on strike when we visited last (during the HOT season) so hiking it with my own two little feet worked just fine.

I guarantee you, Shaun would’ve captured a more beautiful image of the sun setting from the top of Bakheng than I did.  Check out some of his super cool photos on his website.  They will blow your mind.

These are a few of my photo memories from the Kingdom of Cambodia, Srok Khmer. 

The history, the genocide, the strength of the survivors and the smiling children will call to you.  The stories of my mother and father and their ancestors calls to me.

I hope to one day be able to fully document these and share them with you.

Until then, live vicariously through Kim & Shaun and follow them on this GREAT adventure around the globe.  Be sure to link into their blog to see all of their photos and hear their stories!

Safe travels, my friends!