Corrie Kraft Photography {Lifestyle Photographer}

I am beyond obsessed with Corrie Kraft and her photography style.  I long to be as talented as she is and practically stalk her blog to keep up with her cool new photos.

We had the good fortune to have my whole family in town for a weekend just after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, thus dubbed “Thanks-Mas”.  And even better luck that Corrie was free that weekend for a family photo shoot.

With her permission, I’m sharing these photos with you!

It was a chilly winter morning, but we bundled up and headed out to CU Boulder’s campus and didn’t totally freeze our tootsies off!


This man.  Seriously.  Enough said.

This face! I could just eat him up!

It was just before Christmas so the candy cane props were perfect!  I’ve seen this all over Pinterest and I’m so glad she had us do this pose.  All her idea, by the way.  See ~ she’s so talented!

There are three things I love about this photo, none of which are my double chin…I love Aiden’s smile, I love the way Joel is looking at me (see, I must be funny!), and I love how regally Drew is sitting.

This little bug-a-roo is turning 5 in a few weeks.  And he’s got me wrapped around his little finger.

My baby.  I hope he never gets too old to give his Momma a kiss…in public.

My beautiful little sister.  I’m not sure how she got to be taller than me ?

My siblings.  Lucky me.  I think we’re getting better with age.

Remember when I told you I couldn’t wait to grow old with this man?  My love.  ~swoon~

Still catching by breath.

My family: Mom before her knee replacement surgery (which is why I’ve been MIA these past few weeks; helping her recover is the least I & my siblings could do given all she’s done for us); isn’t she beautiful!

Cold as we were, we made it through the morning.  And Corrie survived us!  I had a great time, as I always do, during a Corrie Kraft photo shoot.  She’s so wonderful, always a joy!

To see more of Corrie’s photography, check out her blog or her website.  I hear she’s already booking 2013 brides and 2013 Fall Family sessions and filling up fast!  …note to self: schedule our family session for this coming year ASAP!

I love these photos!  I love Corrie Kraft Photography!  And I love family photo shoots!

If you don’t do them regularly, you should!  You won’t regret it.  Take my word for it.