Happy Anni-Birthday Week!

Don’t tell me you don’t know what an Anni-Birthday is!?  Well, you might not because what sane person would have their wedding anniversary right smack dab in the middle of the brideand groom’s birthdays?

Yep; guilty.  We did.

Joel’s birthday was right before the New Year, our anniversary was this weekend and my birthday is this week.

Happy Anniversary, Joel!  …Happy Birthday, Joel! …Happy Birthday, Me!

So how does one celebrate all this awesomeness?  As one big-week-long celebration, that’s how!  It’s a good thing my husband and I see eye-to-eye on this: no hurt feelings over not getting a single gift for every event.  We like to go lump sum and just do things throughout the week of the events.  Hence: anni-birthday!

HOWEVER ~ this year, Joel managed to surprise me with what is my favorite-est anniversary gift to date:

Isn’t it gorgeous!?! I have been obsessing over this custom made necklace from The Vintage Pearl and he snuck it to me!

We celebrated with our small group of friends Saturday night with a late Christmas/White Elephant gift exchange.  The boys got cozy with a bottle of Hendricks and the girls got to talk about kids and babies and all the mom things that only other mom’s would understand!  Ate lots of good food and played a hilarious game of Catch Phrase that had us giggling like teenagers!

Then, my folks took us & the boys out to Dim Sum for our “30th” birthdays.  We tried a new place a little further south than our usual joint, The Empress off Alameda: Star Kitchen off Mississippi Ave.

Both are amazingly delicious if you’re into traditional dim sum cart service.

The congee is warm and comforting, the Siu Mai is hot and delicious and the selection is endless.

Not pictured here, because mom and I ate them before I could snap a pic, are the scallion cakes ~  a must try (if you like scallions)!  Also highly recommended is the Hong Kong Lobster.  A fried lobster (cut into pieces, shell on) doused in chopped garlic, jalapenos, dried red Thai chili peppers and chili oil.  Unreal!

And you all know I get the urge to put on my wedding dress at every anniversary…well, I was so stuffed from our friends’ party and the dim sum lunch that the best I could do was open up it’s storage bag and run my hands down it’s intricate lacing.

Well, we’re not done yet!

We’re having happy hour with my team from work (all of whom I just Outlook spammed with a message to Joel on the calendar invite accidentally ~ oops! Sorry!) on my birthday.  Not an actual birthday celebration, but a team appreciation (because I work with the best team ever!), but I’m sure we could toast to them together!

Then, we’ll be celebrating Joel’s new office with his team on Friday and then (as if there could be more?!) we’re heading up the mountain for a weekend getaway.

Maybe by the end of it we’ll be celebrated out.  Just maybe.

But probably not… because I could never get sick of celebrating our marriage, our family and our birthdays.  I truly am one lucky girl!

How do you celebrate your anniversaries and birthdays??

With lots of food?  A bottle of champagne? Lots of family & friends? A solo movie with a large tub of popcorn all to yourself?

Dang, now I’m thinking about a tub of popcorn all to myself!

I can’t tell you all how easily distracted I am today!  Too much anni-birthday on the brain!

Did someone say cupcakes?  😉