I’m not going to lie here, if it weren’t for the sake and the endless sushi last night, I would have dug up my wedding dress, put that baby on and pranced around the house in it.  It was the Eve of my 5th anniversary and it certainly wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve wandered around the house in my gown.

Aiden was going through my wedding album once and said, “Mom?  Is this when you were a princess?”  Oh that sweet boy!  Yes, son, that moment was when I got to be a princess for a day.  The last dress I tried on, the one I thought would be too much for me ended up being THE dress.  It literally spoke to me.  Goodness, it practically sang to me, the clouds parted and a glorious light came down from heaven and…oh, no, that was just the boutique’s dressing room spotlight.  But nonetheless, this dress became part of me and my big day from the moment the zipper went up.

I was on cloud 9 the entire day.  I remember it now like an old fairy tale ingrained in my memory and written on my heart.  My Prince Charming, my Joel, my heart tells me I’ve known him forever.  When we met, it was like our souls latched onto a long lost memory; like coming home and remembering the warmth and love and laughter of each other that’s just been waiting to be together again.  Mushy, I know.  But so true!  That’s how I knew. 

What can I say, I’m a romantic at heart.  We danced around like highschool sweethearts at the prom.  No dance lessons for us, just whispering to each other, “I love you”, “we did it”, “this is it”, “don’t step on my toes” as we spun in circles.  And to an unconventional 1st dance song: Brad Paisley’s “She’s Everything“, chosen by Joel for me.  To this day, that song stops me in my tracks and causes my heart to skip a beat. 

My beautiful mother and her custom made mother-of-the-bride outfit.  Her skirt was made to match my sash.  It’s those little details that shout out her love for me.  And my dad.  I can’t even get this written faster than my tears well up thinking about them that day.  My Father-Daughter dance was to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” and there was not a dry eye in the room.  For all those time you stood by me, Dad, I couldn’t be the woman I am without you standing by me.  That’s always been my song for you.

And Margo, my gorgeous sister, my Maid of Honor.  Her speach still echos through my ears when I think about how much she knows Joel loves me.  Remember when I said my family has always known that Joel was my One?  She stood up in front of everyone at my reception and pointed out what she’s been witness to.  How, always, Joel treats me like a queen and would lay down his life for me to ensure my happiness.

Hang in there with me, I’m almost done gushing.

See these two?

Something you should know about Tim is that he will do everything in his power to ensure his siblings’ happiness.  He may not always let you know what’s in the works, but he always comes up with a big something to bring you a smile.  He was right by Joel’s side keeping him calm when the Chateaux told us we were near the end of our reception time and we were going to need to shut it down.  We felt like we were just getting the party started!

And Phanny?  Thank you, Phanny.  My wedding dress thanks you. You know why.

To everyone who braved the weather to make our wedding the most amazingly wonderful, fun-filled happy day, thank you!

I’m pretty sure I got married on the snowiest, iciest, coldest day of January 2007.  But that was NOT stopping me from walking down the isle…or across the ice to the limo. 

Thank you B & B for helping Joel not let me fall on my bum, in my wedding dress, on my wedding day, 5 years ago today.

I do, I do, I do!  And would do it all again, every day of my for the rest of my life with you, Joel. 

I reminisce about that magical day often; next time I’m doing it decked out in my gown, not even endless sushi will stop me.  My gown might even do chores around the house with me, or stay on for a matinee and a glass of wine on the couch.

Don’t judge.

With Happy 5th Anniversary Love,