Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Believe it or not, I almost let my “too busy” get in the way of a family tradition.  I’ve had so much on my plate that I told my folks I couldn’t make it to dim sum this past weekend for Chinese New Year because I had “too much to do”.

Joel’s jaw dropped and his eyes almost bugged out of his head!  He’s so patient with me.  He gave me about 1.2 seconds for it to click…but it didn’t.  My mind was already on my grocery list, house cleaning chores, party menu (we’re co-hosting a baby shower this coming weekend), SAP & Aruba (work), my pending diet, etc, etc…

“Babe,” he says, “we can’t NOT go.  We’ve gone every year since I’ve met you!”  Holy canoli ~ he’s absolutely right!  To-dos were re-worked around our annual dim sum event and boy am I glad we did this.

Dim sum is great any old day of the year, but it’s really the best at Chinese New Year.  We pigged out (minor pun intended as we saw a whole crispy pig being carried out of the restaurant for someone’s personal celebration!); one of our favorite places, The Empress  has the traditional carts that are pushed from table to table.  No waiting to order, just point at what looks tasty and tell them how many servings you want.  Like Spanish tapas, but hand delivered to your table, ordered by sight and smell not by name.

Mom and I fight over the scallion cakes.  Dad and Joel share the snails and whole roasted duck.  Phanny and I slurp the congee, and Amanda is brave enough to try everything at least once!  She likes the sweet BBQ pork steamed buns (hey, she IS a Texan!), Aiden likes the shu mai, and Drew just likes plain old steamed rice. 

The waiters never believe we can put it all down and often try to talk us into ordering less.  Um, we are professional eaters here!  We don’t leave until our bellies are extremely full because we don’t do this event nearly as often as we should!  Like chipmunks storing for the winter…

I can’t believe I almost skipped a year of dim sum for a “too much to do” list.  Especially this year, the year of the Dragon!  P ~ this is YOUR year.  I’m glad we got to celebrate the New Year with you.

The bright light behind you might be the sun coming through the windows, it might also be the bright (SUNNY) light of all the amazingly, wonderful, great things that you’ll do this year.  …foreshadowing…now my nerdy side is coming out…

PS: In case you were wondering, Aiden uses chopsticks better than I do.  He’s been great with chopsticks since he was 2; his Papa taught him how.

Family traditions will always come first.

Happy New Year of the Dragon!